Online Hockey Betting in India

Hockey betting can be as exciting and fast paced as the game itself.  If you’d like to enjoy hockey betting at its best choose one of these suggested Indian-friendly recommended bookmakers we promote and enjoy wagering at your leisure. With our top rated sportsbooks you can have fun trying out different bets apart from the usual handicapping and picking of winner’s bets and experience the thrill of watching a game you have wagered on.

To help you understand more about hockey betting we’ve listed some of the most common betting types available, giving you the chance to familiarise yourself with the action on offer:

Money Line Bets

Indian bettors can place money line bets on which team will win the game outright.  This bet is the most straightforward and popular bet in hockey.  Games featuring teams with the same performance statistics are the most exciting to bet on as nobody can really predict which team will win.  Home ground advantage in hockey betting, level of tiredness, fitness and other aspects which may affect players will have to be considered before placing this bet.

Over / Under Bets

Place a bet against the bookmaker with this bet.  The bookmaker will post a total for each game and Indian bettors can wager on whether the total amount of goals scored between the teams will go over or under the set total.  As there are no ties allowed in hockey and a shootout may determine the winner, the bet will always be honoured.

Puck Line Bets

Indian bettors can opt to play the puck line as opposed to hockey betting on the money line.  Each game has a set point spread of -1.5 for the favourite and +1.5 for the underdog.  It’s much more attractive wagering on puck line bets due to the better betting odds offered.

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Point Spread

The point spread bet is a more exotic version of the puck line bet.  Due to the low scoring nature of hockey, higher point spreads results in more lucrative payouts than the puck line bets.

Regulation Time Bet

Place a bet on your favourite to win within the regulation time without shootouts and overtime.

Parlay Bets

The parlay bet is the multiple option bet in hockey betting.   Choose two or more teams to win and carry the winnings across to the next bet.  All the selected teams must win in order to win this bet.

Proposition Bets

This bet is also known as the prop bet.  Indian sports bettors can place bets on various elements of the game including player and team statistics.  Some examples of this type of bet are for instance which team will score the first goal or last and team shot totals.

Great Salami Bets

This predictive bet can be placed before any of the games start.  Indian bettors place their bets on the totals of the over and under bets which are added together for hockey betting.  Bettors can bet on whether the day’s combined totals will be over or under the posted totals of a bookmaker.

First Period Bets

This bet strictly reflects on the first period of play which is 20 minutes.  The wagers are offered in a money line or as a point spread type of bet.  Some of the suggested sites listed on this page even offer period bets on the second and third periods of a game.

Now that you know more about the different types of hockey betting options available, pick an Indian online bookmaker that best suits you and place your wagers.