Indian Cricket Bets

In India cricket is the sport that’s most bet upon and this illustrious game has a rich history that dates back several hundred years. Known as the gentleman’s game, cricket has experienced a revitalisation recently with the IPL cricket betting and Twenty20 changing the face of the sport and attracting an even larger audience than ever before. With the IPL being the world’s most popular cricket league it’s not surprising that so many Indians love cricket betting and at the top bookmakers online that we promote, you can get in on the action on all the domestic and international fixtures with ease.

Cricket betting can be incredibly exciting and it’s also very rewarding when your prediction turns out to be correct. When we choose the best Indian online bookies we make sure that there are a huge number of betting markets open to punters and that you can bet in-play and on future events. If you sign up with one of the suggested bookmakers on this site you’ll enjoy the best cricket betting in India, guaranteed.

Best Cricket Betting Sites

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Part of what makes cricket betting so appealing is the multitude of different betting markets available, and the online arena has expanded these choices even more. The most popular cricket betting wager remains the straight bet which predicts which team will win the match. This type of match betting allows you to pick a side and if your prediction is correct your payout will be made according to the pre-agreed odds that where displayed at the time of making the wager. These odds may be displayed as decimal, fractional or money lines and it’s important that you understand the difference between these formats.

Types of Cricket Bets

Other popular forms of cricket betting include the Outright Winner and Series Winner wagers. Outright Winner wagers refer to bets made as ante post or futures and is placed on a single team who you think will be victorious in a season and are only cashable at the conclusion. Series Winner bets are where you wager on a team that’s playing more than one game in a series and these bets can be very lucrative if the outcome is predicted correctly.

There are also prop or proposition bets that are not related directly to the final result of tournament, series or match but refer more to events taking place within the game, such as who wins the toss, who elects to bat first and whether a total score is over or under a set amount of runs. Prop bets can also be based on individual player performance and this makes cricket betting even more exciting as you can wager on your favourite sportsman. Other popular types of prop bets include Top Bowler, Top Batsman and Man of the Match and Batsman Matches. There are so many different types of wagers for Indian cricket fans to place that the appeal of cricket betting never wanes.

Top Online Live Cricket Betting

Live cricket betting has proven to be one of the most exciting markets online and at the top Indian bookmakers there are plenty of opportunities to wager during the game. With live betting you can wager as the game progresses and typical betting options include Method of Next Dismissal, Runs off next Ball, and Next man out. These bets are fast and furious and you can watch the action unfold as you wager, making real time betting even more exhilarating.

If you want to enjoy live betting or any other type of cricket betting online, look no further than the top bookmakers that we suggest. You can wager on local and international games with the utmost ease and enjoy access to an array of markets that are unmatched elsewhere.