Online Election Betting at Indian Bookmakers

For many Indians reading or watching the news and following local and international political events is a daily pastime, so it’s no surprise that election betting online has become one of the most talked about newer wagering markets. Everyone has their own opinion and outlook on who will be the next Prime Minister or which party will win the most seats, and online election betting gives validity to these speculations and offers you the chance to claim a large payout, should your prediction be correct.

Whilst election betting may not be as popular as wagering on cricket or other sports, it’s definitely gathered a large following, and in India it continues to grow in popularity. This exciting market is one of the newer ones online and as the political scene does not have a set season, you can enjoy wagering opportunities all year round.

Election Bet Types

If you’re going to enjoy election betting at one of the recommended Indian online bookies we suggest it’s important that you are informed about what types of wagers are available. If you know what each bet entails you’ll be able to place solid wagers and stand a greater chance of receiving a payout when your prediction proves to be correct.  The most common form of online election betting and one that’s often selected by a beginner is the wagering on the outcome of an election. For example, you’d wager on whether you think the Indian National Congress or the Bharatiya Janata Party would be successful when the country goes to the polls.

Other popular bets include wagering on how many seats in parliament you think a party will win and what the gender of a political leader will be. Predicting an over/under amount of votes that a candidate could win by is also a common wager and it’s important to remember that if you are betting on a favourite the odds may be low, but if you bet on the underdog you could win big if your prediction becomes a reality. Politics can be fickle and public opinion can change in an instant, making election betting exciting, especially when placing long shot bets.

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Key to Successful Election Betting

Politics is big news on a global scale and the key to being successful when enjoying online election betting is to take advantage of all the informational resources on offer. Big elections or events will always make the news and you can keep tabs on what’s happening in any country with ease thanks to the internet. In India, election betting heats up only every 5 years, or when parliament is dissolved intentionally by the countries president, but there are a number of smaller local election betting opportunities that arise on a regular basis.

It’s important when trying your luck at election betting to check odds carefully and to follow public opinion polls. Both the odds and public opinion can sway a vote and change the payout you receive when your bet is correct.

If you want to wager on Indian elections or try your hand at global election betting, the top rated bookmakers we recommend all offer you the chance to enter this exciting market. To get started simply select a bookmaker that suits you, sign up and choose a candidate you think could make you a winner.