Best Indian Online Golf Betting Sites

The golf betting sites listed on this page all come highly recommended due to the reliability, user friendly interfaces that they offer to Indian punters. If you are a fan of golf and want to wager on a local or international tournament you can do so at these recommended sites, and you can enjoy world class golf betting opportunities at your fingertips.

Scoring in Golf

To place solid bets, it is advisable to understand the scoring system used in golf first.  There are two types of scoring systems namely the Skins and the Stableford method of scoring.  Skin scoring is very rarely used as golfers compete on each hole as a separate contest.  The Stableford scoring method is used in professional golfing games on which golf betting can be placed.  Players gain points for the score achieved on each hole of the round or tournament.  One point is awarded for a bogey, two for a par, three for a birdie and four for an eagle.  The points achieved for each hole of the tournament is added to produce the total points score.  The player with the highest score wins.

Golf Betting Online

Indian bettors have a wide variety of bets they can choose from when wagering on golf games.  The most classic and popular of these bets are most probably the Nassau bet.  This type of bet is essentially three separate bets.  Golf betting wagers are placed on the winner of the first nine holes, the second nine holes and the total eighteen holes.  The amount of the bet is established for each nine holes and a third bet for the overall 18 hole match.  Points are calculated by scoring each hole as a separate match.  The player with the lowest score on a hole wins a point.  A variation on this bet is the Nassau press.  Bettors can call a press bet when the players they’re betting on falls two points or more behind.  This give the bettor an opportunity to a double or nothing bet.

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Golf Bet Types

Other golf betting options to look at is the 72 hole match-up where the winner will be the player with the highest placing at the end of the tournament.  A similar bet to this is the 18 hole match-up where one day’s play is considered instead of the entire tournament’s.  Three ball betting allows Indian bettors to place bets on which players out of a three ball selection scores the least amount of points.  Three balls betting are always based on one round of golf which consists out of 18 holes.

Two Ball Betting

On the final day of a tournament, Indian bettors can take part in another exciting option in golf betting.  This is called two ball betting as players go out in groups of two players and is called two balls.  Bets are placed on the lowest scorer of the round.

Place your Bet When It Suits You

Indian bettors can place any of these bets on golf games from around the world on the suggested sports betting sites listed on this page.  Simply log onto the internet and place your bet from where it is convenient instead of going through the trouble of getting to a bookmaker on time.  Try these sites now for the best golf betting options.