Online Financial Betting at Indian Bookmakers

Buying stocks and shares has often been seen as something that only financial experts do, and the knowledge required to play the market is viewed as taking years to learn and perfect. Financial betting however has changed all of this, and at India’s top bookmakers online even those with a very basic knowledge of the markets can stand a chance of wagering and winning.

Surprisingly, financial betting is one of the fastest growing markets in India and although many may find it odd that the National Stock Exchange is now involved in what equates to sports betting, it’s an avenue that many an avid bettor has explored. As local and international markets change every day there are plenty of betting opportunities available and financial betting is actually quite simple and straightforward. All you need to do is pick a stock, predict whether it will rise and fall over a specified duration and then sit back and wait to see whether you are a winner.

Financial Betting at Top Bookmakers

With financial betting being so popular in India and the market ever growing, it’s best that you know a little bit more about what this type of wagering entails before you bet. Being informed will give you the confidence to place solid wagers and you’ll be better equipped to predict a trend or track a pattern.

Financial betting is like playing the stock market, only you can only lose the amount you bet and you are not liable to buy a stock, share or commodity in order to partake. The less-risky option to stock trading is just as exciting and can be very rewarding when the odds are in your favour. Before you bet you’ll be advised to check the historical data of your chosen market and analyse past trends, as well as observing the impact current affairs and global markets could have on the swing of your stock.

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Financial Betting Basics Explained

Financial betting is in a class of its own and although it’s offered by some of India’s most elite online bookmakers it’s also available through specialised financial brokers. When you indulge in financial betting you are essentially predicting what a stock will do in the future, either short term or long term, and the odds will depend on the duration the wager covers. You can bet on whether the stock will rise or fall, and by how much and there are three main types of betting that are offered by most bookies. These three types are fixed odds and binary betting and to help you out, we explain a little more about them below:

Fixed Odds- This type of betting is where the odds are fixed, in other words a calculation is conducted to determine how much needs to be bet to win a certain payout amount if predicted market swings and duration prove to be correct.

Floating Odds- In this type of betting the strike price odds change and are calculated for different strikes over the duration of the bet. Different odds are calculated for different strikes and the payout depends on how much is bet at the odds given.

Binary Betting-Binary betting is perhaps the most straightforward type of financial betting and a favourite with many Indians. In binary betting there is only a clear cut result, and a payout is only received if the prediction is exactly correct. There is no middle ground, but the event can be sold, so you could benefit from the event both occurring and not occurring, depending on action taken.

Financial betting is enthralling and it entices Indians who want to try their luck at something a little different to the usual sports and racing wagers. Visit one of our recommended bookmakers now to try out this exciting form of betting and join millions of others across the globe that are reaping the rewards.